Bring Your Lunch to Work Day

I have officially made every day a “Bring your lunch to work day”. I am trying to save more of my paycheck. It is small enough as it is, I don’t need to spend all my money on food. I only make about $60 a day and easily spend $7 a day on food. This should really help me save more money and reach my goals.

What I Bring:

I actually leave my food in the car while I’m at work. We have been having 90 degree weather down here in the south and my food has been kept nice and cool. I use a mini cooler and two ice packs to keep it cool. It has worked great so far.

For lunch I usually make myself a turkey and cheese sandwich. I also bring and apple, pack of pb crackers, Oreos, and a water. I actually enjoy it more than I do the fast food restaurants I usually go to. Plus I am not drinking any soda which I try to avoid but I can’t resist when I am eating lunch at work. So its pretty healthy and its saving me some good money.

How Much I Save:

I used to buy a sticky bun and a soda on my 15 min break and on my lunch I would usually go to either McDonald’s or Wendy’s. The sticky bun and soda cost $2 and the food for lunch probably averaged over $5. So that is $7 I save everyday. One of the many benefits of still living at home is that my parents buy me my food. So lunch is free. Apparently there are free lunches contrary to what people keep telling me.

How Much It Will Be Worth At Retirement:

“A penny saved is a penny earned” , Ben Frank was a wise man. I am saving/earning $7 a day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Well not really 52 weeks a year because I will start going to school soon and stop working. But for simplicity’s sake, I will assume I am saving this every week. I will also assume that the lunch will be free for the next 47 years until retirement and that I can average 10% return on this saved/earned money.

Well 7*5=$35 bucks per week. Plug this, the 10% return, and the 47 years I have left until retirement into the calculator I found on CNN money and viola. I have saved/earned $1,977,657.88. That looks like its almost enough to retire on by itself, but in 47 years that will probably be peanuts. At least it will be a real good start. The main thing I have on my side is time.

Many individuals are confused about debt’s dominion. This is debt piled after massive mortgage not being paid, resulting in the creditcard cancellation. Often this is a result of debt consolidation. Only then can one hope of debt remission.


  1. That is some saving! I guess it is up to you now to actually save the money rather than spending it on something else!

  2. I bring my lunch to work every day. Not only do you save money, but
    you don’t put on extra weight.

    I take a brief walk before lunch and then have my frozen low-cal lunch.

  3. Haha! oh yeah! Compound interests rocks! I’m trying to see how saving one check and spending the other will work out in the short term for me. I’m going to be starting a personal blog Dave that go through my personal financial circumstances and it might help me get through the debt quicker. In any case, great post!

  4. Hey Tony, whats wrong with making the blog you have now more personal? No need to have two, unless you just love to write and you think it would be fun.

  5. Thanks for the encouragement.
    I pack my lunch most days –
    but have not been doing so well on my
    short breaks about staying away from the snack machine goblins.
    Thank You – your entry is the encouragement I need to prep out snacks over
    the weekend for work next week.

  6. Excellent post.

    You can save money and lose weight by making a lunch. Most people will tend to eat healthier and doing this can lead to an overall healthier lifestyle.