Free or Inexpensive Things to Do on Your Next Staycation

The best things in life are free! So why do we have to spend a fortune to have a fun family vacation. Well, the answer is you don’t! With gas prices at $4 dollars a gallon, the price of groceries up nearly 10% this year, and the value of your home and stock portfolio dragging, many families just don’t have the disposable income required to take a fancy vacation. The theme this past memorial day weekend has been “staycationing” : staying close to home rather than taking long trips for your vacation. And with no positive outlook for the economy in the near future the theme will continue throughout the summer. So how do you make the most out of your vacation without shelling out a small fortune?

Here is a list of some of the most popular activities to entertain you on your vacation for little or no cost:

Zoos – Zoos are a cheap way to spend your day. It can be a lot of fun for kids and grown-ups too. This is a good way to teach little children about different animals, you may even learn something yourself. Often there are some animals that you can pet and feed.

Museums – Museums are a great way to bring education into your family vacation. Museums are often free or cheap and they provide a fun way to learn about the past. A lot of times museums host special exhibits that are truly fascinating once in a lifetime experience.

Picnicking – A day at the park can be a lot of fun too. Some of my best vacation memories are family trips to the park. Parks offer playgrounds for kids, walking/hiking trails, and picnic areas. If you bring some food from home, this is a cheap way to spend the day and get some fresh air.

Water Recreation – You don’t have to drive all the way to the beach to have fun in the water. There are lakes, ponds, and swimming holes all over. Try taking the kids fishing. Not only is it great fun, but with a little luck it can be a free meal too!

Hiking – Americans are getting more and more overweight. This is because they are not getting enough exercise. The biggest problem with gyms are that they are boring. People get tired of them. Try finding a nice trail that you can hike in the woods. Try looking online for local trails, most cities have them people just don’t search them out.

Movie/Game Night Having a movie night or game night is a lot of fun for the whole family and its cheap too. Head over to the video store and pickup a couple movies the family can enjoy. Redboxes are all the craze now, you can get videos from your local grocery store for just $1. Plus if you look online, you can find codes to get your first night FREE.

Bookstore or Library – Spend the evening at your local bookstore. Find a relaxing chair and sit down with a good book. Sometimes bookstores and libraries will have live entertainment too. Or if you prefer to read on-line you can checkout your favorite blogs.

Plan ahead if you do go anywhere. Always check for coupons and ask if they are running any promotional offers. Remember what makes a vacation great is not where you go or what you do, its who you do it with! I was able to spend the weekend with my family, relaxing, playing outside, and enjoying the wonderful weather; and that made for a terrific holiday break.

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  1. Staycationing lol! Nice one! I like the Museum of Arts here in Austin and in Houston. They are free on Thursdays! 😀 Great Post. I’m thinking of taking a fishing trip and cooking some catfish lol 😀