Gas Saving Challenge Update

About a week ago I posted the techniques I use to increase my car’s efficiency. Well I have been doing them for a while now and I finally filled up. Sean, from Financial Ramblings , and I both participated in my challenge to see how much better over EPA estimates we could get. The results are finally in and here they are:

Sean’s Results:

Miles: 299.1

Gallons: 9.321

MPG: 32.0888

EPA: 26 mpg

% over EPA = 23.4%

Toyota Tercel

(Yea that’s my car. Well mine isn’t really quite that nice but it a picture of the same model. Fancy isn’t it.)

My Results:

Miles: 320.2

Gallons: 9.844

MPG: 32.527

EPA: 29 mpg

% over EPA = 12.16%

And the winner is Sean by a landslide. He did very well and congratulations to him. I really don’t see what else I could have done better. I think my car does need a tune up. I kind of tend to neglect it a lot. Maybe I will try this again later if I get a tune up or do something nice for my car. It has been reliable for years and I owe it something nice.

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  1. You are too kind, considering I was not able to get outside my normal range. 🙂

    (I also think my revised EPA went down too much.)

    The people I know who have made big gains were the ones with a headstart… switching from maniac to normal, taking everything they own out of the trunk, etc.

    If we give this another try sometime, these tanks should probably be the baseline.

  2. That was a nice gas saving challenge. While there are a lot of gas saving tips online you can browse. Those tips will somehow help you save your gas and love your car more.