Goal Update June, 2008

I am finally starting to make some progress toward my goal. Now that I am out for summer, I am able to work a lot more so I can start saving a lot more of it. Hopefully I can keep up this good progress for the rest of the summer.

I am up 3.75% for the month!

Increasing my net worth by nearly 4% is a pretty big deal to me. If I could keep this progress up I’m sure I could make it to my goal fairly easy. The only problem is that it will be easier to get this rate of return now, but once I have say 90k, it will me much harder to get 3.75% monthly yield on my money. Without further ado, lets take a look at where I made my money this month.

Sources of Income:

Job: ~$700

Prosper: $24.00

Advertisements(on this blog): $6.28

Gold: $66

Ebay: $170

I earned around $700 this month from my job. Next month this will probably go up to around $800. This month was lower because I didn’t get out of school until about a week into the month.

I actually have two late loans on prosper. I am not very happy about this. They still have time to pay, but as time goes on I think it keeps becoming less and less likely that they will pay up. I will post the negative return if they ever go into collections. Right now I just hoping they pay up soon!

My advertising income went way down from last month. This is no real big deal. I understood that this would happen. I stopped working on this blog for a while at the beginning of the month and had very little traffic. It is starting to pick back up again now and I am hoping next month will be much better.

Gold went up a lot during the middle of the month. I probably should have sold. Near the end of the month it tanked again. I still think it is only headed upward, so I am going to keep holding on to it.

I have also been selling my college books online. So far I have sold three (I think) and I made back $170. I still have plenty more to sell, so I hope I get a lot more out of them.


Bank: $8807

Retirement: $8668

Prosper: $2078

Gold: $5307

These are all pretty self explanatory. Hmm I think I have a lot of money in the bank. Maybe I should try to find something else to invest in. I do have to pay for next semester of college soon but, I don’t think that will be too much. I hate to have my money sitting idle and losing money to inflation. I’ll look into it in the coming month.

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  1. Sounds like you are doing really well. I found last month was poor income wise from advertisements on my blog – hopefully it will pick up for both of us this month.