Goal Update March, 2008

Every month I am going to start posting updates towards my goal of $100k by the time I graduate. As you have probably already noticed, I have a status bar on the right side of my blog. This is just to give you a nice visual display of how far along I am toward my goals. Underneath I have a timer that displays how much time I have left until my deadline(Graduation).

Up 5.6%

Since I first put up the status bar I am up 5.6% from the previous total. I was at $22,683, now I am up to $23,959. No its not because I started selling drugs or something, I had actually forgotten to add in my Prosper account to the total. If you don’t know what Prosper is, stay tuned I plan on posting about it in the coming days.

Sources of Income:

I am kind of messing this up by doing it in the middle of the month, but u gotta start somewhere and I didn’t feel like waiting all the way till next month. This info is just for the first 12 days of March. In my April update, I will probably post everything I earned for the whole month of March so you will be seeing some of the same info.

I have very few income sources right now. I have my job, which I just work on weekends b/c of school. Prosper has been doing pretty well for me, no one has defaulted on any of my loans. I just started this site so I don’t really expect to make very much at all from advertising, but I have gotten 1 click so far and that resulted in 22 cents. Horay! The name of the site is David makes cents.

Job: $121.16

Prosper: $5.64

Adsense: $0.22

I am looking into different ways to get more streams of income. I have a lot of money just sitting in the bank not getting me anywhere fast. I also have an IRA, but since the market has been doing so bad lately, I have taken my money out of the market and placed it in a money market fund. I plan on keeping it in there for a while or moving to something else that is also conservative because I feel it will take a while for the market to rebound.

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