Goal Update May, 2008

Hooray! Finals are over and I am free for the summer(for the most part). Now it is time for me to pick up a bunch of hours at work. Work sucks but, I still enjoy the change of pace though. Work isn’t very stressful or thought intensive so its a good break from school. I should now have a lot more time to post on my blog. The post frequency should go up a lot.

My earnings during the month of April were pathetic. I had invested in gold and it slid big time. It finally went up almost 2% today, but it is still down from what it was when I had bought. I guess I hadn’t anticipated that news of the fed possibly being done cutting rates would affect the price of gold so much. All of the news had been about the poor economy so I figured it would be a good time to buy gold. Oil went way up today, and I’m pretty sure that is the reason gold went up too. Even with the big loss from gold, I still managed to save about $50 this month.

I am up 2.3% for the month (annualized).

As you can see, I have decided to change the way I report my monthly increase in savings. I am now annualizing it so you can see if I kept up this progress for a year, what percentage increase in savings I would have. I promise next month will be much more impressive. I have all my textbooks to sell back and I am going to be working nearly full time so my savings should go way up. Also I think I have some paychecks sitting at work that I haven’t picked up since I have been studying for school this month.

Sources of Income:

Job: $0

Prosper: $49.00

Adsense: $15.84

Gold: -$100

I don’t think I worked much, if any last month. That will change a lot this month. I did do pretty well with Prosper this month. I got a referral through the banner I keep on my left sidebar and earned $25. Plus I earned $24 from interest on the loans I have out. Adsense also went up a lot from last month. Adsense are the ads you see around my site. Last month I only earned about $8. I earned the $16 during the first week or two of this month. This was because I stopped posting and promoting my site halfway through the month and I didn’t receive any clicks during this period. So next month, I am hoping this total goes way up too!


Roth IRA: $8,647.93

Bank: $8200.72

Gold: $5,241.00

Prosper: $2,083.10

Total: 24172.72

I finally created my new business that I wrote about earlier. I will be posting updates about this soon. I am still looking for more avenues to make money, so feel free to contact me with any new, fresh ideas you think I should try.

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