Starting my Own Business

For a while now I have been posting about how I was trying to come up with new ideas to make money. Well I have finally decided on something. I plan to build my own internet arcade. Considering how much time I spend playing these games online, I think I am overqualified for this position. I have a natural talent for playing these games. If only somehow I could get paid a reasonable amount for playing the games besides just owning them. Well, until then I will just try to make my own arcade so others can enjoy the games too.

Why an arcade?

Honestly, I don’t know a lot about anything. I know a fair amount about everything. This makes it hard for me to make a lot of types of websites because I would like to be a master of the topic before I considered starting my own website on it. Blogs aren’t bad but for regular websites, people don’t want my view on things. They want content. So I decided upon an arcade because there are many places where you can get free games to add to your website.

How will you make any money?

I plan on putting up ads on the website like everyone else. The tricky part will be getting the traffic. I can probably produce a quality site with lots of good games, but getting people to it is not so simple. I have been reading a lot on getting traffic and optimizing websites for search engines so hopefully I can put all this into place and slowly but surely build a highly trafficked, quality site.

When will it be up?

I don’t really plan on starting on it until the beginning of next month. I have exams coming up and I don’t want to give myself another excuse to study. I doubt I will be financially independent by the time I graduate so a degree with a high GPA will help me land a job until I am financially free.

I figure now is the best time to try all these new crazy business ideas of mine while I still have all the free time to put into them. I can afford to make mistakes now, once I am out and completely on my own, I won’t have anywhere to go if I fail. So I figure now is the perfect time.

Start up costs?

I am trying to stay in a budget of $1,000. I see all these pre-made arcade scripts with games costing upwards of $800. It all depends on what level of quality you want. I could save a lot more if I went for some of the cheap ghetto scripts but I really want this to be good so I may spring for the quality. Also there is the advertising budget. I may try the free advertising route and do things the old fashioned way. It is a little harder but I feel I can still get plenty of traffic without spending money on advertising.

I will definitely keep everyone informed as I continue on with this project. Wish me luck as this will be my first undertaking of making a website (besides a blog).


  1. Great site, David. Congrats on the new idea to start an Internet Arcade. This seems like a decent source of additional income. SEO will be key to your success.

  2. good luck, i’d be interested to hear how it turns out!

  3. Indeed an interesting idea… I’ll be watching myself… You’ve hooked me on your RSS… 🙂

  4. Well, good luck on your money-making journey. Just think positive, stay focused and go for it! I personally believe that you just enjoy what you’re doing and eventually you get paid for it. LOL

  5. Hi David! I too am a college student and have been recently looking to do something of the sort with my finances. I’m looking at starting a business as well and will probably be taking an approach much like your own but with actual inventory etc. Lets keep in touch! I’ve definitely added this RSS feed to my reading list! Keep up the good work!

    Tony Tovar
    Moolah Blog

  6. @ Tony

    I am always interested in hearing new fresh ideas. If you ever start your own business, let me know, I’ll be sure to give you feedback. Good luck