Tired of Posting? Let Your Readers Play a Game

I know after a while, blogging can become a chore. Well, if you are a blogger, I suggest that you take the day off and post a game on your blog for the day. Let your readers play a game. They will enjoy it and so will you. You can get this pacman game, or hundreds of others from my new business site. For instructions on how to
get this game or others on you blog, keep reading after the game!


Free Online Flash Games

So my game site is finally up. It is www.toprankedgames.com. I was very happy to get that domain. Just about every other good domain name related to games was already taken. Anywho, on my site, underneath every game (most atleast) there is a code that you can copy and paste into your blog and that game will appear when you post it. So take the day off, post a game and play to your hearts content. If you have any trouble posting it, feel free to contact me.


  1. I’ll bite… 🙂 I can probably wrap some good personal finance around pacman for sure! 😉

  2. Yay, every1 who does it is giving me a backlink, in return I am hosting the game on my server. It should help as my site is really new and doesn’t have many backlinks yet.

  3. Hey Mr. Carter! 😀

    You know, I, at some point in my bloggin’ months, had decided I might want to do the same thing! However, I’m not a big internet website guru so it would have been hard to get things situated plus, I dont usually spend time playin arcades online. although that is a very nice way of saving money now that i think about it! 😀

    Also, Great blog you have here, I really am glad to have across your site. You’ve given me the encouragement to work on a personal finance blog as well. I will be opening up tonytovar.com soon enough in hopes of coming out of School plus Loan debt within a few years of graduation. I’m a Senior now and really really don’t look forward to those nasty payments. I’m working on at least getting my net worth to 0 from the negative! 😀

    Tony T