Welcome to David Makes Cents .com. My name is David Carter and this site is a log of my financial progress in life. I intend to teach you how I am making/saving my money as well as research new ways to increase my net worth and report my finding back to this site. To read about my personal finances and other financial matters please continue to theĀ  personal finance blog! Although I am young (only 20), I have a decent net worth for my age(around 23k). I will keep track of this and my goals. Currently the only goal I have is to graduate from college with $100k net worth while still paying for tuition, books and fees! Thats only three years away, but if you want to learn more about me, be sure to visit my about page. To keep track of my progress towards my goal, I have set up a timer and a status bar so you can see how I am doing. Also I post monthly updates of how much progress I have made. I am a very hard worker and have a drive to succeed. I encourage you to follow my personal finance blog since I will post on what I am doing to achieve my wealth. If you follow along, you may just also grow rich.